Story Creation Tips


  1. Hold your phone or camera so the screen is horizontal.
  2. Use both hands to hold your phone so the video will be more steady.
  3. Get close to the person who’s talking so they can be seen and heard.
  4. Keep light in front of your subject, when a bright light is behind them, they’ll appear too dark.
  5. Make sure your story is short and sweet—tell only the essentials. Keep your video under a minute for the best results.


  1. Have an idea about what you are going to say before you start filming.
  2. Remember the basics of storytelling: Who, What, Where, When and Why.
  3. Set the scene and tell us about what was happening before and during the moment.
  4. Details can help bring a story to life—but not so many that it slows your story down.
  5. Don’t forget to thank the person who made it personal for you.


  1. Stories with profanity or inappropriate content will not be approved.
  2. No trademarked material can be used including characters, superheroes or celebrities.
  3. Brand logos are not allowed.